LOGSUB is a genuinely national expanding company, capable of bringing together technicians, engineers and specialists with extensive experience in submarines and surface vessels, as well as consultants specializing in structuring and monitoring large projects.

The company was founded in early 2008 with the purpose of developing Defense Projects and Logistics Solutions for the Brazilian Navy and other South American Navy submarines, as well as performing various services for surface naval units and the Off-shore market.

In this brief period, the company specializes in the area of Submarine Rescue, Recovery and Underwater Activities, Development & Management of Naval Repair, Study and Project Management of Public Private Partnership (PPP) andNationalization of Equipment and Spare Items andSubmarine and Ship Systems, in partnership with national companies.

LOGSUB has a staff with engineers that are specialized in several areas: Eletronic, Eletrical, Oil & Gas and Mechanical specialized in the naval area.

Participation in the following conferences:

  • NATO SMERWG (Submarine Escape and Rescue Working Group) since 2003,
  • NATO SAMAP (Submarine Air Monitoring and Protection), 2007 and 2017;
  • NATO SUBCON (HDW Submarine Conference), 2007, 2011,2015 and 2019;
  • NATO exercise “Sorbet Royal” in 2005 and made two Rescue Operations with a submarine rescue vehicle and both Italian and Turkish submarines;
  • FIDAE 2008 as an exhibitor ABIMDE;
  • EXPONAVAL 2008 and 2016 (Chile) as an exhibitor;
  • RIO GAS OIL 2008 (RJ) as anexhibitor;
  • LAAD as an exhibitor in 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017 and 2019;
  • DSEI (London) as an exhibitor in 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017 and 2019 (ABIMDE).

The company is affiliated with ABIMDE (Brazilian Association of Defence Industries) and SMERAS (Submarine Escape Rescue and Abandonment Systems) since 2008.

Apart from the professional experience in Brazilian Navyand submarines for over 30 years.


LOGSUB throughout its history participated or developed with its partner companies several projects. Among them we can highlight the following:

Tupi Class Submarine Rescue Bell Coupling System

The Tupi Class Submarine Rescue Bell Coupling System is composed of a lug installed on the forward hatch of the submarine not soldered, but adapted to a stainless steel cross stuck to pre-existing screws results in the hatch. This device has met an old need of the Submarine Force and avoided the total replacement of the hatches by others with this eyelet, thus bringing a very low cost solution for the Submarine Force of the Navy of Brazil.

Brazilian Navy Ship Repairs

In partnership with the Survey Engenharia Company LOGSUB managed all BN Ship repairs at the Naval Base in Rio de Janeiro from 2010 to 2014, in the boiler, structural and network services in general. Some of the ships are NSS Felinto Perry, 04 PMG from NE Brazil, NE CisneBranco, NDD Rio de Janeiro, NT Marajó, Niterói Class Frigates and Inhauma Class Corvettes, Patrol and Hydrographic Ships.


In 2010, LOGSUB, in partnership with Babcock Integrated Technoloy (UK), developed and finalized a proposal for the adaptation and installation of a transfer station at the NT Marajó stern. This project had a high nationalization index with the manufacture of the entire structural part, nets, pumps and winches in Brazil that would be manufactured at BNRJ facilities at the time.

SubmarineRescue System

LOGSUB, in partnership with JFD (UK) presented to the Brazilian Navy (BN) a proposal to provide a modular and airborne Rescue System, a common high nationalization and manufacturing index in Brazil, which can be quickly deployed and installed on any opportunity vessel in any national port.

This system is currently the most widely used in the world, having JFD already supplied to several other navies and Organizations such as: NATO (NSRS), Italy, Sweden, South Korea, Singapore, Australia and most recently two complete systems for the India Navy.

The JFD System is the only existing system in the world that could be loaded on current BNMearim District ships, as the competing system needs the DP2 (+) requirement that does not exist on those ships.

Ship Lifting and Transfer Systems

LOGSUB together with the Norwegian company TTS Syncrolift AS supplied and assembled in South America two complexes Ship Lifting and Transfer Systems, one to the Brazilian Navy at the Naval Military Complex of Itaguaí, for submarine construction design projectof this Navy and another for the SIMA Callao Shipyard of the Peruvian Navy for the Navy Modernization Project.

In both projects LOGSUB was responsible for receiving logistics and supported TTS in the assembly and commissioning services. Currently two more mainland navies are developing similar projects for the expansion and modernization of their naval industrial facilities and LOGSUB is responsible for the initial technical / commercial support.


LOGSUB works in partnership with national and international companies so that we can better attend our clients needs. Among them are:

ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems – TKMS (Germany):

ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems is one of the leading system providers for non-nuclear submarines and high-end naval vessels. The company stands for marine competence, innovative technologies and comprehensive and reliable service. ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems with its premises in Kiel, Hamburg andEmden (Germany)is part of the Business Area Industrial Solutions of the ThyssenKrupp group. ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems GmbH stands for more than 300 years of accumulated cutting-edge technology and art of engineering “Made in Germany”. ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems comprises the three Operating Units Submarines, Surface Vessels and Services.

Today this naval system house is a powerful, specialised global player exclusively acting in the naval shipbuilding field and possessing outstanding expertise in system integration and in the prime contractor role. More than 3,200 highly qualified and motivated employees in Germany are passionate about the customer-oriented advancement of submarine and naval surface vessel technology. For naval assets to be built in the own premises or in selected shipyards worldwide.

SURVEY Engenharia e Serviços LTDA (Brasil):

SURVEY is one of the most important Brazilian Offshore companies that has a high qualified group of workers and engineers and offers repair services at platforms and ships of support. Since 2004 it has been doing high level services in the Brazilian Navy (BN) submarines and ships. In partnership with LOGSUB it developed important projects in military naval area, for example the development of a Coupling System for Tupi Class Submarines (IKL – 209). Currently both enterprises have been doing all the repairs of water and oilpipeworks and welding of the BN ships at the Naval Base of Rio de Janeiro.

ANALOX Military Systems (UK):

Created in 2011, Analox Military Systems is part of the Analox Group and specialises in niche and custom gas detection solutions for hostile environments, including submarines, diving and armoured vehicles. Analox Military Systems has over 325 years of collective, specialist electronics and software engineering expertise, as well as a worldwide distributor network. Analox Military Systems thrives on providing innovative gas monitoring solutions and providing bespoke products for specialist gas monitoring projects. With its expertise it developed a line of portable air analyzer widely used in submarines around the world, approved and recognized by the control agency of NATO (STANAG).

ATRASORB Absorvedores de CO2 LTDA (Brasil):

ATRASORB is the biggest manufacturer of Soda Lime for CO2 absorption in Brazil, its products of high performance are purchased by many South American Navies, including the Brazilian one. In partnership with LOGSUB it has developed a high absorption Soda Lime to be used on diving and in submarines.

TEXCON (Germany):

In a world of ever-evolving tchnology, Armadillo provides one of the best submarine emergency escape systems. The system comprises an ascent-lifejacket device combined with a smock or a dry suit and a one-man liferaft. The ascent-lifejacket device is constructed with the latest CFD-simulation software to feature the best ascent performance along with limited air consumption. The charging valve is compatible with both Hale Hamilton and Habetas escape air systems. Armadillo is setting new standards in surface performance, giving the survivor the best chance to stay in good condition.

AGI Ltd (UK):

Aeronautical & General Instruments Limited (AGI), is an established British company, wich manufactures a wide range of instruments and systems for the Defence and Civil markets worldwide. Over the years since its foundation in 1915, AGI has built up a reputation for high-quality, well-engineered products that employ eletronic, letromechanical and optical technologies. Innovative solutions to technically demanding problems are often an integral feature of the company’s design.

L3 Harris Kollmorgen (USA)

In 1916, Kollmorgen, a small optical company in Brooklyn, New York was contracted to design, build and install the first workable periscope aboard the first U.S. submarine. For ninety years, the company has remained devoted to high-accuracy, stabilized, electro-optical systems for defense. L3 KEO employs a full spectrum of engineering and manufacturing disciplines to design a variety of sensor and weapon systems for submarines, surface ships, combat vehicles, and other defense platforms.

L3 KEO is an experienced developer of integrated and stabilized, high-performance optronic sensor, antenna, masts and weapon control systems for defense applications. L3 KEO has the capability to accept any electro-optical or motion control challenge and then design to it, build it, test it, and stand behind it.Our customer focus underscores our working with U.S. and international customers to define their needs, understand their unique technical requirements and set up local support. From the first submarine periscope to the latest optronic sensors, L3 KEO continues to translate design excellence into fielded products. L3 KEO produces the systems that enable you to look, to see, and to control the leading edge of integrated imaging systems.

Sauer do Brasil (Brazil / Germany)

Sauer strengthened its activities in South America and especially the Brazilian region with its subsidiarySauer do Brasil – Serviços para CompressoresLtdathat was founded at the beginning of 2013. A highly productive company has been set up in Rio de Janeiro with an own assembly line, test bench, maintenance and service centre as well as a sales and service team. This should take care of the company’s increasing demand on the continent and further improve its proximity to numerous South American partners.


JFD is one of the world’s leading submarine rescue and diving equipment companies providing complex diving and underwater systems to the commercial and defence industries. Operating worldwide, the company is the world’s leading provider of submarine rescue capability and an established provider of submarine escape training. The company is at the forefront of Hyperbaric Rescue, along with being the leading supplier of commercial diving equipment and saturation diving systems to the commercial industry.  JFD was created in 2014 through the merger of James Fisher Defence and Divex. In 2015 JFD acquired the National Hyperbaric Centre to further boost the services offered to its customers. In 2016 LEXMAR was acquired to enhance the capability and offering within JFD’s diving capability and suite of saturation diving systems. For more information seewww.jfdglobal.com

TTS Syncrolift AS (Norway)

TTSSyncrolifthas during the last thirty years been a major supplier to shipyards worldwide with state of the art products. In these years we have demonstrated our performance and innovatory characteristic solving our client challenges. As a leading supplier of shipyard production technology, heavy load handling and shipyard consultancy, TTS gives you the profitable opportunity to work with one professional partner in the whole modernisation process.

TTS has continuously developed systems for handling, launching and docking purposes. Today we offer a wide range of products for efficient Block and Ship Transfer Systems, as well as shiplift and slipway systems. Our transfer systems include rail trolleys, tyre wheel system and track/tyre-less systems. All TTS applications are designed as fluid bed systems. This means that the impact forces will be distributed out, i.e. there will be no high peak loads during the handling of blocks or ships and the user knows exactly which forces that are exerted on the ship/block and ground at any time. The TTS Ship Transfer Systems have been delivered both to navy and commercial shipyards, for construction as well as repair.

Nereides (France)

NEREIDES, initially specialized in oceanographic instrumentation, accompanies its customers and partners in the different steps of their project : instrumentation (conception &commercialisation of scientific and technical equipment), systems (realisation of systems on operational specifications), measurement, research & development.

In 1987 NEREIDES acquired MECABOLIER, a specialist in marine mechanics with a complete range of winches, pulleys, among which a winch for buoyant cable antenna for submarines.

Due to its competency in radio-communications and electronics, NEREIDES has taken this advantage to develop a fully comprehensive buoyant cable antenna system (associating winch, control unit, antenna and the radioelectrical unit) for submarines. Up to now, NEREIDES is one of the only two suppliers in the world able to offer such a solution.

Dynamic company of 25 people, NEREIDES covers the following activities: Underwater communications, scientific oceanography, Offshore & Marine instrumentation, Acoustic systems, scientific meteorology, Environment.

Hale Hamilton (UK)

Hale Hamilton is a Company within the Aerospace & Defense division of Circor International, Inc..

Hale Hamilton has, since 1947 been in the business of the design, development, manufacturing, supply and support of high performance / high pressure valves and valve systems, required to perform under critical conditions of pressure, flow & cleanliness, in satisfying the demanding technical requirements of defence and industrial customer’s world-wide. Hale Hamilton is an ISO9001:2000 Company.

Johnson Controls (EUA)

Johnson Controls is a global diversified technology and multi industrial leader increate intelligent buildings, efficient energy solutions, integrated infrastructure and next generation transportation systems that work seamlessly together to deliver on the promise of smart cities and communities. At its core, that promise is about delivering innovation that make people’s lives – and the world – better.

TPG – Wellmann (UK)

TPG design, develop and manufacture cutting edge air management systems for submarines and surface ships. We have almost 60 years heritage and an extensive working knowledge of submarine environments. TPG has integrated skills and expertise to manage every aspect of the engineering challenge: Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic and software, Process & chemical, Control and instrumentation. We work to modify chemical processes for harsh environments using world-leading technology with ongoing R&D.

TPG is a key supplier to the UK and many other submarine programmes, offering thelatest advanced stealth technology, which makes them quieter than their predecessors and harder to detect. ACI air management systems are designed to minimise noise, vibration, electromagnetic interference and chemical discharges to support these mission goals. We are a global leader with an established international client list, and have supplied systems on many submarines around the world, both nuclear and non-nuclear.

OSI Maritime Systems (Canada/UK)

OSI Maritime Systems is a leading provider of Integrated Navigation and Tactical Solutions designed for Naval and Maritime security operations. Among those solutions, the Company develops and delivers Integrated Bridge Systems for Warships, Tactical Dived Navigation Systems for Submarines, and C2 systems for small craft. Presently, 20 navies totalling more than 600 warships and submarines operate using OSI systems.

Our WECDIS solutions, ECPINS-Warship (Electronic Chart Precise Integrated Navigation System for Warships) and ECPINS-Submarine are International Maritime Organisation Approved ECDIS and the only WECDIS systems independently certified against NATO WECDIS STANAG 4564.







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